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friday 19 Feb 2021 | Is there a scramble for crypto today?
PL Confidential News @pauls_list #my£1ktechstockstrategy  
Crypto currency is on the move again this morning. Having decided last night to buy more Bitcoin BTC-USD my trade attempts would'nt go through on the exchange (10:50GMT)
This was true for other crypto's including DOGE-GBP up 9% (10:55GMT). So it looks like alot of "panic buying" possibly, and based on the news of Motley Fools $5 million pending buy it looks like the cats out of the bag!! prepare for a busy weekend on the crypto exchange friends..
THursday 18 Feb 2021 | BITCOIN BUY $5 MILLION 😱
PL Confidential News @pauls_list #my£1ktechstockstrategy  
Crypto currency is about to rocket again as another US company is poised to pump $5 million into the crypto-giant Bitcoin BTC-USD currently trading at £37085.90GBP (09:18GMT) read the report..
Tuesday 16 Feb 2021 | Launch Day 🚀
Breaking News @pauls_list #my£1ktechstockstrategy  
First Tech Stock acquired, so after some deliberation (due to the list size) I have settled on Pinterest NYSE:PINS and as this project is all about learning I have bought 1 share today at $88.97 I will be adding more of this tech stock over the next few weeks. Follow my updates on Twitter & Instagram @pauls_list
Hello Crypto! I hear about Bitcoin all the time and have never been brave enough to take a plunge, so the project might as well have some "skin in the game" and as its so volatile I will limit exposure to start with.. BITCOIN BTC-USD current project holding as of today 0.000492 cost $25 no game changer 🤣

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